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About us


For the past few years we have sourced and procured hundreds of products and services for our customers, ranging from construction materials to apparel. We have a wealth of experience in sourcing and procurement of technically challenging, high quality products and services from global suppliers based on various and unique customer need. Wimpo Capital prides itself on providing excellent levels of customer service and in particular we place great importance on regular communication with our customers throughout the whole process.

We are registered in Malawi as  a Limited Company Number 1010604

Sourcing and Procurement Services

 We work closely with our clients to source and procure products/services from worldwide suppliers to the required specification and
within the agreed lead time whilst giving visibility throughout the sourcing and procurement cycle. Trust is central to how we operate and we always look to develop deep partnerships with both our clients and

Your Worldwide Sourcing and Procurement Partner

Over the past few years, we have developed a highly defined sourcing
and procurement process that ensures that we are collaborating with
the right suppliers from the right countries so that we can deliver against your needs. We are not simply your sourcing and procurement
company; we are your Worldwide Sourcing and Procurement Partner.
This means that we will always be looking for opportunities in all worldwide markets to ensure that we are aligned to your overall
procurement strategy.




1. Assess your needs

Getting on top of the detail is the first thing we do. This means understanding what you are looking for from the suppliers, the product
and us! With this done, it is possible to set up a smooth and efficient critical path.

2. Understand the Product


We always look to clearly document the product specification so that
there are no misunderstandings from any party. We look to capture all
the product/service details at this stage.

3. Source

We reach across our qualified supplier base and beyond – to find the most suitable partner to your products or services.

4. Quotation

We provide you with a quotation taken from at least 2 suppliers to make sure you are getting the best option.

5 .Procurement

We work with the suppliers to ensure that everything is being moved forward according to plan and provide updates to our clients against the delivery schedule.


We arrange for the goods to be shipped from the suppliers and delivered to you.






At Wimpo Capital, we’re committed to delivering an excellent service to
all our customers whether big or small.

The Wimpo Capital Way defines the way we behave to provide an excellent service to our customers:
Doing what we say we’ll do
Delivering an excellent service.
Communicating openly and honestly.

Investing in relationships with both our customers and suppliers.
Developing innovative ideas and solutions.